Breaking in Your Docs

Breaking in Your DocsWho doesn't wear them, from workers, punks, to goths and many, many others. Sturdy, comfortable, with a great look. They last many years and can be buffed to shine even after years of constant use. Unfortunately, they are tough as a rock right out of the box and needs a break in period, which may cause a lot of bruises, blisters, and pain in general.


1. The first thing you must understand is that they'll hurt you. This means you should avoid wearing them for long at first. This means no runs or dancing when they are fresh!

2. Get a right side. This part is the most important so choose wisely and take your time!

3. Take out the laces and using the sponge included with Dr. Marten's Wonder Balsam, apply it evenly all over the surface. This process is done to soften the leather. Don't use thinner oils as they can destroy the leather's finish and won't protect against bad weather. This is an essential product if you want to do the process right and it costs only 8€ per tub.

4. Put on a thin sock, then put a thicker woolen one on top and put on the boots. It will cause them to widen up and will help protect you against blisters.

5. At first, walk around for an hour or two daily in them while doing your daily routine. Use them on soft indoor surfaces. Your home in probably the best place to do that because you can take them off at any time to relax. Probably the best way to do that is while cleaning, because you move in all directions and in a way that's much better for breaking in parts that are often missed with normal walking. If you feel a rub, place a plaster or a universal tape over the area to prevent developing a blister.

6. After two hours it's time for a break. You can relax now!

7. Repeat the above steps, gradually increasing the length you have the boots on.

8. After that, try going out on short walks, to the bank or shop.

9. If planning to go somewhere for a longer time it's good to bring a pair for replacement, just in case.

10. Continue to repeat the steps until you can wear your new boots all day in comfort. Don't forget to apply Wonder Balsam at intervals of one week to a month to keep leather hydrated and well protected. Once they break in completely, they'll be superb for the rest of their life.


My boots don't have a shiny finish, can I still use the balsam?
Yes, all kinds of leather are fine as long as it's not suede.

How can I use Docs without rips in my tights?
Put on a thick pair of socks over your tights and tuck them inside so they don't show.

My boots feel tight only at the stitching at the tongue, what can I do?
The problem might be a wrong size. If it's not the case, then the boots might need some more breaking in.

I have broke in my Martens but they still rub my ankles. What should I do?
There might be a few reasons for that. It's either wrong size, they were not broke in all the way through or it might be the socks. Try wearing socks above your ankle, leather may cause friction in that area when in contact with your skin.

Will using Wonder Balsam prevent me from getting a good shine on my boots?
No, the beeswax in Wonder Balsam can be buffed to a shine by using a brush.

How high is the heel?
It depends on the model, but usually it's around 3/4 inch.

Do I need to break in Vegan boots?
The vegan boots aren't made of natural leather, therefore they're much more comfortable out of the box. If you need some break in than follow the above steps.

I want to get rid of the wedge from the inside of the boots. Can I do it?
Do not try to make it yourself, go to a cobbler and see what he can do about it.


Even it's the last thing you may want, running in your new Docs or making calf rises is a great way to breaking them in, that will speed up the process by a lot.

If you feel pain under the tongue or toe cap try rearranging your sock and tongue, they may have bunched up or twisted.

Additional trekking sock on top of a thicker wool one, might a good idea. It till wick off the moisture which is the main reason for blisters.

Remember to put on a uniform layer of Wonder balsam on your new Doc Martens, to hydrate the leather and protect them from elements. Thinner oils will not do the trick.

Patience is the key. It may take from one to two weeks for you to lessen discomfort to a minimum which will allow you to wear them for long. The complete break-in period takes a month approximately.

When wearing shoes for the first time notice which parts of the foot gets red and irritated. Cover them with a fabric plaster to prevent from getting blisters.

Wear thick socks that sets your skin apart from the leather of the shoes for protection. Walk or work in them around the house. Rest when needed.

Any movement is good in the break-in period but standing on your toes, bending down and other similar positions that you don't normally do will speed up the process of leather softening.

There's an old trick from the army, where you cut of the feet of pantyhose and wear them under the socks. Slick and tight, helps a lot.

Never use water to break in your Docs! In short, it will shorten their life by years.


NEVER put your boots in the freezer!

NEVER put them in the oven!

NEVER use water to break in your shoes!

If you get blisters, heal them before trying to break in your shoes again.

Shoes polish or oils are only for the aesthetic purpose, they do not protect shoes at all.

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